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Jun 26, 2005
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Duluth, GA
Thought I'd post this ..found this interesting and though MANY could use this information (taken from here.)

Many of us suffer from dark circles under the eyes. These black rings make us look exhausted and ill. They are very obvious and annoying. They are difficult to cover up and even harder to get rid of.

In short, they are the bane of many people's lives.

There are many contributing factors to the development of these dark circles and even more things that can make them worse. Some factors are unavoidable -- like age and ill health -- but many can be prevented and treated easily.

I created this site to help people, like myself, who suffer from severe dark circles under the eyes. It contains a detailed discussion of the causes of these dark circles and a great deal of advice about how to prevent, cure or cover them up.

Dark Circles Under The Eyes is split in to two sections; the first discusses why dark circles under the eyes occur and how to prevent them; the second lists dozens of remedies, tips and recommendations to reduce, cure or conceal them.

Thanx for posting this!

I have hereditary dark circles and i HATE them...

Originally Posted by Bhav Thanx for posting this!I have hereditary dark circles and i HATE them...

me too. although by now I´ve started to live with them. I just wished I could be able to look good withOUT tons of concealer!