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Jul 13, 2006
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i've been trying to wear darker eye shadow lately and i end up taking it off half the time because i feel like it makes me look dirty. i have lighter skin but i don't think that's the problem... could i just be putting it on wrong? i need help :[

You're probably just not use to it, the more you start wearing darker shades the more you'll like it.

I just started wearing dark eyeshadows too. Sometimes it can be a pain to put on, you have to be very careful and there is little room for error. My favorite colours are dark green and black and if I get any outside of where I want it then it ends up staining the area around my eyes a weird greenish gray colour.

So now I make sure to keep eye make-up remover in hand to fix any mistakes.

With all dark eyeshadows, blending is the key. Try not to put it too high up on your lid also, that might help....Good luck!

if you are just starting to wear dark eyeshadows, maybe at first put just a little bit of this shadow at the (out) corner of your eye. be sure that you blend good with lighter ones.

then slowly make the amount of dark eyeshadow bigger. in that way you'll probably get used of it =) also for the start don't combine different shades of dark shadow... start with one.


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