David Beckham Gives the Dirt on American Dirt

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Jan 3, 2006
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David Beckham prefers his native soil – literally.

"I'm not used to the harder ground out here," the UK soccer transplant writes in his blog, referring to a recent game at Giants Stadium. "But being quite stubborn, I was determined to play the whole game and I'm glad that I did."

Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy lost 5-4 to the New York Red Bulls last Saturday, but his first Major League Soccer start drew more than 66,000 fans.

"It was brilliant to play the full ninety minutes against Red Bull New York," he writes. "On top of being given the honour of captain again, I managed to set up a few goals, which obviously, was a great feeling even though we were really unfortunate to concede a late goal and lose the game. The atmosphere at the Giants' stadium was incredible, and there was a huge turnout for the match, which really gave us all a fantastic buzz."

And aside from the tough turf, all is well in Beckham's galaxy. "I'm still getting to know my teammates on the pitch and learning more about the way they play with every game," he writes, "but I feel I've played a part over the past two fixtures and I'm really looking forward to future matches."



He's a hottie! I hope bringing him here and paying him oodles of money has the desired effect of getting more fans to watch soccer.

He's definitely a hottie, and he seems like a real sweet guy! Victoria's a lucky one!


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