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DDF, others on Drugstore.com: 10% off coupon and other promotions

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Jun 5, 2012
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I'd always wondered why there were some brands that were listed under Drugstore.com instead of Beauty.com because I would consider them high-end (especially given the price), but I realized it's because they're owned by an umbrella corporation that mainly sells drugstore products. This is GREAT news because Beauty.com is rather stingy with their sales but Drugstore.com is not, and the best part about Drugstore is that promotions often stack, too. For example, right now there are two P&G promotions on Drugstore.com: - $5 off $15: http://www.drugstore.com/templates/featured/default.asp?catid=306079 - 10% off (no min/max): http://www.drugstore.com/user/promo.asp?code=66EEA9D5&AID=338978&bounce=%2Fcategory%2Easp%3Fcatid%3D292845&utm_source=eds&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=HarmonSSE (NOTE: Not referral links!) Most promotions can only be used once per account, but they are usually repeated often, so even if these expire, I'm sure similar promotions will pop up again. P&G owns brands like DDF (click here for a full list of their beauty brands) which means that they should be eligible for these promotions. (I actually can't get the $5 off $15 promotion to work for DDF, which means there might be some restrictions, but YMMV). The point is, if you're interested in some of these products (like that super spendy DDF double helix serum that's going to be featured in this month's Birchbox), keep an eye out for promotions like these, because even these high-priced brands on the Drugstore.com side will qualify. Quick 'n dirty guide to free ShopRunner shipping for a year 15 months (NOTE: cosmetics purchases are not always eligible for ShopRunner):

  • Sign up for the free 30-day trial.
  • Go into your account to cancel your trial/membership. You'll be offered the opportunity to extend your trial to 90 days for free at no risk (you won't be charged after your trial is up).
  • Make 3 purchases using ShopRunner for shipping during those 90 days. (No order minimum, so small purchases like this one are great!)
  • You'll be given a free year of ShopRunner membership after your 3rd purchase ships.
  • (It's also worth noting that the year membership starts after the 90 days are up, so it really works out to be free ShopRunner for 15 months, not just a year.)

There's currently a sale for 40% off all make-up on Drugstore.com (not Beauty.com). Expires 10/20. It's still a great deal because the list of Drugstore.com brands includes, among other things, OPI, AHAVA (but their skincare products don't qualify), Bliss, Dermalogica (their make-up removers qualify for this sale), and several other salon/prestige brands. Also, Philosophy is on the Drugstore.com site so it qualifies for this sale AND there is a promotion for 20% off all Philosophy products which stacks with the 40% sale AND there's a free GWP if you spend $35 on Philosophy (before the 40% off sale price). I passed on the Philosophy even though it's a great deal, but I did pick up two OPI Designer Series polishes for $6.90 each, and a few other goodies. Happy shopping! :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />