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Nov 30, 2011
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I always get white deoderant marks on my tops.
Even if I put the deoderant on after I get dressed, I always have that white stain on my shirts. Anyone out there have advice on how to avoid this pesky problem?!

Even the ones that CLAIM they don't leave marks often do on black fabrics. I've had it happen tooooo many times.

What DOES work, though, is if you can find a CLEAR SOLID (not a gel). Those DO NOT leave marks. Ironically, it was my old man who taught me that trick!

I am in LOVE with my deodorant smell. When I work out, I wanna bury my nose in my sweaty pit, LOL...but seriously, I don't want to change brands but I DO hate those white marks all over, especially since I like to wear black workout clothes.

Secret : va va vanilla

I'd say roughly 90% of my shirts are black.

I WISH I could still find Soft n Dri Pulse No Residue Solid. THAT WAS AMAZING. NO MARKS, WORKED, and didn't smell funny, Sadly, I believe it's no longer on the market--my old man picked me up three sticks of it when it hit his local .97 store (which deals ONLY in closeouts). When those are gone, I may have to go back to bloody Speed Stick and start smellin' like a dude. 

i roll the bottom of my shirt outwards then slip my arms through. idk if that makes any sense, but it works all the time. no white marks to be found. i can post pics if necessary


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