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Aug 16, 2012
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So October is classically thought of as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as the cosmetic industry is dominated by women, many companies and brands rightfully dedicate time the cause.

However, October is also Depression Awareness Month, which is something that gets a lot less attention, even though more of you will probably personally feel the effects of depression. A lot of nail polish bloggers now (Scrangie, and now Kelly from vampyvarnish) are now trying to bring the topic to the forefront,  but it can't hurt to push it forward a little more.

Women are twice as like to suffer from depression than men, and it lifetime morbidity of 17% in the US. Not only that, but approximately 15-25% of cancer patients will suffer from depression at some point during the course of their illness, and depression weakens the immune system and interferes with recovery and treatment.

The point of this thread is: compliment each other. Share your stories, whether it be about breast cancer or depression. Be nice to each other, and make it something that's not taboo to talk about.

Aug 29, 2012
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DEPRESSION :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Iv'e gone trough depression and its not something that i would wish for anyone so ladies out there Stay positive and near people who love you. This is how my story goes.

Two years ago i moved to a new city, i moved from the coast line to the capital in land. I was used to the summery weather throughout the year and coming here where it can get cold (16 degrees) for many they would say that is not so cold but for me it is and besides the weather is like its going to rain any time soon its always cloudy. So i had to go shopping for warmer clothes and that kept me very active...So with a new city came a new school and with a new school came new boys and at that time i was in a long distance relationship for more than a year (and by the way i talked to that guy this year and he sayed we only dated for 2 months). So i met this guy in my class  his name being Daniel adn he seemed to be super sweet and nice to me and we instantly clicked  so we started dating and this was around this time of year and when December came and we were supposed to close school he decided to dump me and i was sad and bla bla bla so i distracted myself with going out since my best friend was in town and met this other guy which i had a thing with but never dated and we were ok with that, we even spent new years time but in my old city with all my friends so i was super happy.

2011 came and i was abit scared to go back to school because of this Daniel guy because i still had to go to every class with him sitting next to me so i decided to tell him just to stay friends and he agreed. Later he comes to me and apologises  and somehow we got back together (something i never do) then he started accusing me of cheating wit the guy that i spent new years with and told him we were not together so had nothing to do with me and him. Then later around February he got kicked out of school because his parents never payed his school fees (we went to private international school) so it was hard keeping in touch with him then he left the country, so depression striked me. I never really socialised with other people because i was constantly wit him at school and besides i don't really get along wit girls im super tomboy. So in school i was alone and couldn't talk to anyone and everytime someone would ask me what is wrong i would start cryng because i was holding too much in. I did alot of sport so my basketball teacher came up to me one day and told me im not the same person he met and that kind of hurt me  because it was true...At home i wouldn't be getting to much attention either because my dad works in a different city and my mum would come late from work so i don't think she ever noticed. So going back to Daniel guy around April he decided to accuse me of cheating on him with his best friend from my school because thats what people told him because he came to in school several times to ask me if im ok but nothing else. So we argued and he dumped me again and we got back together the next day because he was sorry. 

In May i was starting my exams around the 10th but before that a friend of Daniels comes to me and says 'Hahaha i know Daniel Dumped you and he was planning to for such a long time' and so on...and that urt me because we were still dating so i told him ok and ignored. And a few days later i got relly mad and told him its over and that was it. We rearly spoke since then never saw him again and since that day i started smiling and felt happy like a heavy  weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

During those months of depression i was so alone and felt like no one can really understand what im feeling...I was crying constantly  at anything that would have been sayed to me. My grades were not any better and i didn't do so well in my exams but i did pass.  The lonlliest feeling i've ever gotten i could even say the worst time of my life.

I want to tell everyone out there please talk to someone, even if its a random person that you just met, talk and talk and talk about anything doesn't have to be personal but talking is good it does not give you the emression that you are along.  I try to talk to everyone and make new friends everyday because i give love and i recieve love back. 

Im actually crying right now (because i'm a very emotional person) and because i don;t want anyone to go through what iv'e been.. and maybe this lonliness feeling comes from my childhood because my dad dies when i was a baby and i grew up with my mum and she got remarried but my stepfather never stayed home due to work however he has treated me like his own daughter  and gave me that fatherly love despite the comments from his family and other that he is growing someone elses child.

I've passed my depression So can you....

Don't let it reach to the point you start thinking suiccidal DON'T.

WE Love You ALL

Feb 26, 2011
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October is also Anti-Bullying Month which actually goes hand-in-hand with Depression Awareness.

Many people have been picked on at one time or another for a variety of reasons however some people the picking can go too far and break a person's spirit which can lead to self-doubt, depression and worse suicide.


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