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Nov 29, 2019
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My dream is to become a successful model even if I don't have good facial features. Because modeling is my passion. I had done very few modeling assignments in my college. Some of my classmates used to mock me. Because my face is full of wrinkles and lines. And they said modeling is not suitable for me. But I am not ready to step back from my decision. There may be many successful models who had once faced the same situation as me. I believe with suitable facial beauty enhancement treatment I can make my face better and youthful.

I had heard about dermal fillers treatment in a magazine. A friend suggested a dermal filler treatment clinic in Toronto. I am looking forward to approach them. Had anyone tried this treatment from this clinic? Was it effective? Is this dermal filler treatment better than Botox? Please share your answers here.


Nov 7, 2021
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New York, New York
botox and filler are completely different animals. botox works to stop your muscles from contracting to allow the skin regenerate lost collagen along the lines of contraction. fillers on the other hand create volume in places where volume was lost such as your cheeks or under eyes.

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