DHC Alpha Arbutin.....thoughts about it's effectiveness.

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Jun 11, 2005
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So I recently invested in the DHC Alpha Arbutin Skincare regimen. It is supposed to whiten and even skin tone. Just curious if any one has used it and if so, what have the results been???? Thanks in Advance.

never heard of it,hope it works out for you!!

Hi Benebaby, nice to meet you! I use some DHC products and I really like them but I've never tried any of the AA line. That stuff is so spendy...it darn well better work wonders, eh? Then again DHC makes pretty realistic claims, never anything outrageous. One of the things I like about them. Let us know your experience with your new products by reviewing them in the Review Center! You can always go back and update your review as your skin improves/changes.

FYI for Gwen or other members, DHC is the #1 skin care line in Japan. They use lots of highest quality natural ingredients especially extra virgin olive oil (sounds Italian not Japanese huh!?!) Their products are no-nonsense yet luxurious, and they have a really wide selection. They give you lots of free samples when you order. In fact if you request a catalog they send you one filled with samples. Here's a link to their site!


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