Did you or anyone you know get hit with the nasty flu bug this winter?

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Sep 27, 2003
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My son had a bad cold but he didn't get the bad flu bug thank god. Our whole family has had the sore throat and cough but other than that we have been ok. Tons of people at my work has had the flu and they have been out of work for 1-2 weeks. Apparently the flu that's going around is really strong and the flu shot doesn't even help because there are so many different strains of the flu going around.

No, it didn't get me yet, thank God! Tons of people at work got it and somehow it got by me. My SO was saying today that he thinks he's getting something. I had to go to the emergency room last Tues (for someone else) and the waiting room was full with flu patients, I was so paranoid that I'd get it. I had my jacket over my face (Ya, I know I'm such a dork) Then the nurse came out and gave me a mask. Its pretty bad around here too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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