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Feb 17, 2004
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I made a good dessert last night that was not too bad sugar-wise or fat-wise.

I used sugar-free strawberry Jello. Then I mixed a bit of yogurt, Jello and lite whipped cream with a mixer and layered it on top. The topping was a ring of tangy pineapple . Yum!

Originally Posted by naturally OMG ...I made that the night before ..but with Lemon SF Jello, FF Plain Yogurt and FF Whipped cream ..but all mixed together (well mix jello and yogurt together & chill for 20 mins and then fold in whipped cream) was called Lemon Fluff. From a SBD recipe. Could use any flavor jello though. Ha! And I thought I was being original! LOL. It was good wasn't it!!

Originally Posted by naturally OHHHHH tastes like it's ILLEGAL ..and it's not! YUMMMMM! Now's one that's not bad ..maybe not as sinful tasting:
1 cup Ricotta cheese (part skim)

2 tblspn of Cocoa Powder (make sure it's the unadulterated kind)

2 packets of Splenda

Put in food processor and whiz it away until smooth ..I add a little FF Half & Half too. Chill and serve! You can change what you add to it, like instead of chocolate add Peanut Butter. YUMMY! And that's LEGAL too! (just don't go overboard on the PB)

Thanks! My mouth is watering for chocolate. Peanut butter is good for you though.



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