Difference between "blemish control", "pore minimizer" and "oil control"

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Jul 12, 2005
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There are so many skin care products on the market that I am getting confused about the benefits that each one offers. My dermatologist said that products like Neutrogena, Biore and other "drugstore" lines are just as effective as the more expensive department store products so I have used Biore for about 4 years now. It seems to work really well for me. I no longer have cystic acne (not that Biore was the cure, that came from 3 rounds of Accutane and hormonal changes as I've gotten older). Nevertheless, even Biore offers a number of different solutions. For example, "blemish control", "pore cleansing" etc. I also noticed that Neutrogena offers a similar breakdown i.e. oil control, acne control, pore minimizing etc. My question is this ... Does "blemish control" clean the pores and reduce oil as well? It seems that one would lead to the other (which came first, the chicken or the egg?) and I am wondering if instead of blemish control, should I switch to oil control or pore cleansing. I'm afraid if I switch from blemish control to solve the oil problem then the acne would come back and if I switch to pore cleansing then the oil problem would not be resolved. Any ideas? Is there a one-product-does-all solution to prevent blemishes, minimize pores and reduce oil?


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