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Aug 31, 2005
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I have medium length wavy hair and I always tend to straighten it because I never knew how to curl it right! I saw a girl at work who uses a diffuser to create her curls and her hair is always so pretty.

I went out yesturday and bought a diffuser attatchment for my blowdryer but I'm still unsure how to use it

Can you guys give me some tips? Do you use any products beforehand so they dont come out frizzy? Do I have to diffuse the hair until it is totally dry?

Any help is appreciated! thanks

Use a cheap conditioner such as vo5 or suave(i would suggest Vo5) as it doesn't contain alot of silicones so it won't leave build up on your hair and use it as a replacement for shampoo, because wavy hair and curls tend to need more moisture than other hair types.

Then leave some in your hair for about 5 mins then wash it all out and add a leave in or curl cream or you can do both but just use a little of each. I think you should diffuse your hair until damp not soaking and let it air dry afterwards.

Hope this helped

I have really curly hair, so Im not sure what to tell you to use as far as products for making your hair look good wavy/curly, but for the diffuser flip your hair upside down and just sort of gently 'cup' your hair with the thing, sorry lol Im not good at explaining. Defintly make sure though, that you alternate between using hot air and cool air as your using your hairdryer, to minimize damage and help limit frizz, and it doesnt matter if you dry your hair completly or not, depends on if you gotta rush out the door or not for me, usually I just leave mine nearly dry slightly damp. Hope I helped some lol Im sure someone will be able to help you out more.

I have wavy hair, too!

When I use my diffuser to curl it, I use VO5 Curvaceous Curls Styling Mousse and it really helps! I usually blow dry my hair with a diffuser until it's mostly dry. If your hair is more straight than curly, it's probably best to dry your hair as much as possible. If your hair is naturally more curly than straight, you can probably quit once your hair is partially dry and your hair will probably be able to hold the curl fine.

Hope that makes sense!

I'd like some tips myself, because whenever I use the diffuser my hair goes POOF crazy!! So much frizz...


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