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Jun 1, 2007
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Anyone have a digital picture frame?.. If so what size and what features.. Do you like it and where did you get it and how much?

We bought a cheapy 7" DPF at Best Buy for the SIL on Black Friday for $50.. And my wife wants one for Christmas so I'm starting the search.. I was thinking 15" but she wants a 10" one.. And what features to get...

Internal memory - zero to a gig...

Resolution - 640 x 480 to 800 x 600

Memory cards.... Most take the 5 standard ones

Usb - download from PC or Flash Drive

WiFi - email photos from your PC to you DPF? Lol

Ability to show 4 photos at a time, and slide show..

Too many options!! I'm so confused!! Lol


I have looked at them but haven't purchased anything. Some friends have one for a continuous slide show of their grand kids, not sure if I want to go there

LOL... Too funny!! Were trying to get our arms around the 1,000s of digital photos that we take and the kids take... (Not including Karren's photos
). And bought a half a terrabyte external drive to store them on.. What I thought would be really cool is to turn our 37" lcd TV into a digital picture frame... But haven't found anyone that makes a stand alone device that you plug into the TV box to do that... Guess I'll have to make my own!

My hubby just bought one recently and it is 7", I wish he would have gotten 10", I think the pictures are kind of hard to see. It takes a standard memory card and we just have it on slide show but it also came with a remote so we can freeze on any one picture and their are some other features I haven't actually tried out. I think he paid $70 for it from Amazon.

Gee Karren, Thanks for making me want one more thing. I can't help you though. After all I am totally responsible for the decline of the US dollar and all.

Originally Posted by KellyB /img/forum/go_quote.gif Gee Karren, Thanks for making me want one more thing. I can't help you though. After all I am totally responsible for the decline of the US dollar and all. Yeah.... and probably why the cost of these things keeps going up? hehehe Bet ya could turn you new Dell into a Digital Photo Frame.....

I dont like the idea of them. It looses that personal touch that paper photos gives. But i guess it does save alot of space considering the flipping through all those albums.

I found one that she likes... A 10" kodak on sale at Sears.. $179.. Expensive but still a nice gift.... I'm going to get it tommorow..


Glad you found the frame. Wish I'd seen this thread sooner. I would have recommended the pic frame by Ality.

I just got one for christams. I haven't played with it yet, but I was super excited!

Wow are they really expensive????

My step mom got one for my dad for xmas. He really liked it. Its pretty big though. About the size of a car dvd player. Its cute though. It has a remote and stuff

My mother just got one for Christmas. It has the option to display one picture continuously, or a slideshow. I'm not sure what kind it is, but it looks nice in the living room! Glad you found one you like, too

I don't have one, but they are REALLY cool and I do want one!!!

My parents are getting one from my brother for Christmas.

I'm hoping they will go down in price in the spring.I want to get one for my MIL for mothers day.

I want to get one of these with the money I got for my b-day... I was thinking maybe the 10 inch kodak one too. Karren, do you like it?

Hi Karren,

i got a really nice one from wifey for Valentines Day similar in specs to what you described. i have an 8' frame (whew i had to rewrite that line twice) . really nice dont remember if it plays video or not. will play mp3 concurrently

and we gave out the smaller size for Christmas gifts this past year. By Christmas the sweet price points should be on the 10" ones. hopefully those will be 1024x768

i would search ebay...

my dad got a really nice 10" one off ebay for about 75 dollars. it holds about 500 photos. it does slide shows with diffrent effects. I dont think it is wifi, but i think there is a seperate chip you bring to your computer. It has a remote so you can turn it off or skip around throught he pictures or turn off the slide show (my favorite feature is off cause other wise the light from it keeps me up at night)

i am not sure as to what the resolution is on the actual unit my dad got, and as is with ebay every one is diffrent. but i really suggest looking there.

I am still looking for one of these, but I'm clueless as to what would be a good brand. I'm sure kodak is great, but the only thing I don't really like about them is the actual frame itself. The Kodak is made of ugly black plastic (it looks like that anyway) and IMO doesn't look like a real picture frame. The other digital frames, that I'm not really sure of their quality at least look more attractive, and what a picture frame should look like.


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