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Apr 9, 2007
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I'm interested in getting one of these mascaras. But what's the difference in them? Which one in your opinion is better? I've heard good things about both! Diorshow or Diorshow black out mascara?

Also let me throw Diorshow Unlimited mascara out there. How does it compare?

Oh, and if anyone can posts pics of wearing these mascaras, that would be great! Thanks!

I've never used any of them, but I did check them out when I was in Sephora. to me, Diorshow has a HUGE brush head, and Diorshow Blackout wasn't as big. I don't recall seeing Dioershow Unlimited. Again, I've never used any of them for a good comparison, but that's what I noticed based on just the brush heads alone.

I use the blackout one

Fab mascara

I hated blackout,I ended up returning it because the wearability was terrible. It smudges, flakes and streaks. Diorshow is much better, but then again, I believe drugstore brands perform much better, of course, I had to blow a ton of cash, to realize this.

i HATE blackout. it was dry and sort of clumpy and not at all any blacker. i love diorshow, and even more than that i absolutely LOVE Unlimited.

I absolutely love Diorshow. But I haven't tried the other two, so I can't really compare.

DiorShow is my holy grail high end mascara. I have yet to try the other one.

I love love love Diorshow. I figured this meant I would love blackout as well, since I assumed it was like Diorshow just, well, blacker.

It isn't. It is slightly blacker, but they're really completely different mascaras. In my opinion Blackout is more wet, which makes it smudge/clump/etc much easier than Diorshow. I'm definitely going to buy another tube of Diorshow as soon as I run out of Blackout, I don't like it very much.

I've never tried Unlimited.

I want Diorshow, I wouldn't get the blackout one though...every mascara I've tried with this sort of 'Black..' name has flaked and made my lashes a clumpy mess. One of the worst was masterpiece max. I've seen the brush on diorshow mascaras and it is actually gigantic lol, but I'm sure I read somewhere that it's because some Dior artist used a toothbrush to create a false lash effect on her models, and Dior recreated it?

I just got Black Out and to me, it is darker than DiorShow. It makes my eye lashes more dramatic. Haven't experienced clumps and I am happy with it.


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