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Feb 13, 2012
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In addition to being a rich source of food a lot of health benefits for the body, scientific studies have shown that the use of olive oil directly on different parts of the body comes the results of a stunning and completely unexpected. This product is a wonderful natural moisturizing properties of pure, nutritious and at the same time. That was why the women since time immemorial, especially in the Greek and Pharaonic civilization to be used in the care of their hair and skin. 

A natural moisturizer for dry scalp
Most of the problems of dry skin are the result of lack of hydration in the body due to climate changes that occur suddenly without sufficient time for the skin to cope with this natural climate. The dry scalp of the most disturbing forms of drought for most women suffer with him, because the head of the cortex, inflammation, and some simple acupuncture, which inevitably affects the health and beauty of hair. And treatment of this usually always requires certain types of shampoo while avoiding most of the chemical treatments for hair dye and represented in the hi-lite and the individual.
But the best way to avoid all of this and re-hydration naturally once again for the head is to use olive oil directly on them. Put olive oil on the hair dye used tool then put pectinate hair length and cover with a plastic cover after so and leave overnight, then wash your hair in themorning the next day shampooing. You'll notice an amazing result
Moisturizing mask for the health and shine to hair
To give some luster to the hair, mix the amount of 50 ml of olive oilwith the amount of a similar laurel oil, and then leader of the mixnourishing your hair away from the roots - in the case whether thescalp oily in nature - If it is dry and the leader of the mixture is well on the scalp roots then Cover your hair with a towel and leave to warmfor 30 minutes and then wash your hair as usual. You can preparethis mask once a week or at any time when you feel that your hairneeds for nutrition, and luster.
Lotion for the body and hands
Mix 50 ml of olive oil with 50 ml of Azeris oil  and add 10 points of the basic oil Jeranyum oil and the amount of 10 ml of lavender oil androse oil 10 ml and nonlinear Grease well and dry your skin by the day in any region of the body. It's best used at night before bed.
Mix olive oil with lemon juice and put it on the facial skin every day,this combination will result an amazing wonderful on your skinbecause it will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and leaves your skin soft and healthy vivid and active.
Lip moisturizer
The easiest way to moisturize the lips and fed effectively is paintedwith olive oil .. You'll notice your lips seemed healthy Matturdh Once you use this oil on it.
Cream of the eye
Olive oils from the most suitable for sensitive skin thin, so you'll find itis best to use on the lips and eye areas. You can put it on the eye, using natural cotton to moisturize the skin surrounding and protecting them from wrinkle creams to use instead of the normal.
Make-up remover
New property added to the olive oil is that you can use an effective remover natural makeup. two quantities similar mix of olive oil, almond oil and put the mixture in a small bottle and use it in removing eye makeup .. This magic mixture will also fuel the  lashes and intensify.
Reinforced nail
There is no better than the olive oil to treat weak nails Trichorrhexis, 
Shaving cream for men
Men can also use olive oil as an alternative to natural shaving creamsand gels, it reduces the inflammation that affects the skin due toshaving as it leaves your skin shiny and smooth.
A number of studies demonstrated that the development of pure olive oil on the skin after exposure to the sun directly limit the destruction ofthe cells caused by UV radiation and leading to the occurrence ofcancer. In addition, olive oil works moderator of burns caused by long exposure to the sun as it contains elements of antiseptic andmoisturizing skin damaged address, and soothing pain.
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