Dita Von Teese: Hot or Soo Not?

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Jun 11, 2005
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Here's Miss Dita in a draped and folded creation. The dress is very original but I think she kind of disappears in all the fabric. It might actually make her look a little older than she is. She is gorgeous...but this dress is so Not Hot.
I wanna see her pale ass in color now... but she looks nice anyways.

I dunno how you guys like JLO's cow outfit over this one.

she pulls it off but most women would look awful in that dress. I think she looks stunning

well i know aquilah is going to kill me, but i just dont see the big deal about dita von tees, lol, i dont think she's all that pretty and her style isnt really unique, there are alot of girls who dress retro, and what exactly is she famous for? lol!! ok you can kill me now aquilah!! lol!! actually by the looks of it i hope nobody else kills me!!!