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Dec 21, 2006
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I've heard that false lashes & mascara can damage lashes, but I've never heard anything about eyelash curlers. What do you guys think?

most definitely they can, by tugging and pinching too hard and pulling hairs out... just be sure to get a curler that fits you eye shape well!

It's not much different than blow drying or curling your hair. The only 'damage' it can do is pull your lashes out if you pull too hard. And it is easier for lashes to fall out if you curl after mascara. But eye lash curls do not really do any damage otherwise.

My mother used to have full lashes, but after 30+ years of daily curler use, they aren't as full anymore, she says.

I never use a curler but used to.I never knew it could damage lashes though.

This is why I use primer... Primer, curl, mascara. And I never just "yank" the curler to where I lose lashes.

Thanks for all your answers everyone!


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