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Thanks everyone. When I got home I looked at it and it was my dent. I told him no one had hit me and that I did it and just forgot about it. He was concerned about damage to the other car. I told him don't worry about the other car since it was my mom's car I had hit when visiting her. We ended up just laughing about it. He thinks I must be the worse driver.

I think you should tell him. It's unneccesary to be dishonest about something that simple. Save the lies for when you have to explain your way out of spending hundreds of dollars on makeup, or something important like that. lol...

See if it was your mom's car that you hit and you lied about it .. you would have had to ask your mom to lie too! And if you didnt tell her and she told him - then you would have been caught lying!

Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Glad it worked out with the truth!

Glad you decided not to lie

I guess it depends on how your husband would react to it. I know mine has been understanding of all the dents/scratches that I somehow got on the car. But others may get real pissed off and in that case, it's better he think some jerk did it.


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