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Nov 26, 2004
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There is a trend it seens that everything must be good enough to eat. Now I for one like having a lip gloss that doesn't taste like wax but then it doesn't stay on long.

The biggest brand that I have seen lately is Jessica Simpsoms Dessest line. And you really can eat it. I have watch young ladies in the store trying everything and making faces at some of the products but you really can eat them. Now my biggest question is Why?

Why do I need a body butter that when I am done putting it on licking my fingers when I'm done? There is no way I would but thats just the point why do I need to have that choice available to me?

There is a line in Bath and Body Works that is along the same lines but guess what favor that is? Thats right Chocolate. Its the Tutti Dolci line . Their Lip Gloss is maddenly wonderful favor of Creme Brulee what that it, it taste like chocolate to me. But I don't think I need anything else to be tasting that good.

That bring up something that happen that was kinda funny to me that really ties into my whole thought here.

I was in the bank and I was chatting with someone and I gave her a sample of my body butter in Strawberry . When back to the bank and this same young lady ask me "Is it edible"? I had to stop and think for a minute due to the fact I sell natural products. I told her no and then call the woman who creates the line of body butter and I just had to ask her Is the Strawberry body butter Edible?

First words out of her mouth and we know what she be liking to do..Which gave us the giggles but I found out that even thou its all natural is still best for your body and not eating it.

See? What was the first thing that cross our minds? Why do you have to bring it out into the stores as well? I listen to others give me the same reaction and I think thats a very natural one, But I still don't think there should be a line of any type body product that you can eat it off your fingers. Am I wrong?

I'm not really one for 'eating' my lotions either... lol I eat enough as it is without having to supplement my diet with body butter! LOL
I actually tried the Dessert line in the store & have to admit, I did taste it... tasted like pure sugar. Way too sweet. It smelled sugary too. But it didn't last long on me. Sometimes you really don't know what else is in these things, even if they are edible. So it's better I think to smell it, not eat it. LOL

Ya see - I'm a big fan of all that sweet smelling (especially chocolate) stuff. But as good as it may smell, I don't actually eat it. It's all really just a matter of personal preference. For example, I hate anything floral scented. I love flowers, but I don't want to smell like one. I guess its the same thing for those who don't like the foodie scents.

I've tried the Jessica Simpson products (just the lip glosses). They don't last on me and barely have any color. I've read several articles & product reviews in magazines about her line and it said that although you can taste the stuff, it's not wise to actually CONSUME it. So I think it was created more to just maybe dab it or a quick lick, but not to actually lick the entire stuff off your hands as though it were cake batter. I could be wrong but that's what I read in some magazine. I actually found the J.S. perfume kind of sticky when I tried it on at Sephora and so was the body lotion.

I think if I really wanted to EAT something I put on my body, I'd just use actual chocolate syrup (fat free)
or whatever food I liked, so this way I wouldn't feel like barfing afterwards.

But yeah, I love the way chocolate scented stuff smells, I love wearing and my husband seems to like it on me too.

I suspect that the intention of the J.S. line and other foodie flavored products is for the products to make you taste good for someone special! Especially the J.S. line; I mean, all her stuff has very suggestive sexy names. I think they are meant to be subtle little enhancements to a romantic encounter.

As for the ones that are only scented (not flavored) like food...I like the mild vanilla and caramel based ones. I loved the Tutti Dolce Angel Food Cake and Sugar Wafer scents. I don't like chocolate, coffee, or spice (gingerbread type) scented products on me, I guess they're too strong.

Incidently, there was a perfume a few years back that I was called "Ici" (pronounced "ee-see", it's French for "here") and it was made up of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate notes! It really smelled incredible, but in a perfumey way, not a food way. And true to form their advertising was very was implied that you were to put the perfume where you want to be kissed, hence the name. Don't know whatever happened to it, I can't even remember who made it. It wasn't a couture fragrance or anything, but it was nice!

ICI - Ebay is selling some!

I used to have this perfume but I forgot how it smelled. Does it really smell as you described? I always thought it was oriental least that's what someone wrote on Ebay.

I remember the bottle too !

eBay huh! I should've known!
Yeah, it was a pink glass bottle! Too bad it wasn't flavored, my then-husband might have liked that!

Glamslam, I remember Ici! Sold in drug stores, wasn't it? I think it was discontinuned.

the dessert line from j.simp sickens me. things feel sticky and smell over powering. plus, they sell it at sephora, so people test stuff there and that's gross.

Tutti Dolci and Philosophy make some great smelling products. I love the scents, but to eat them? I don't think so!

Originally Posted by LindaA I don't think you are meant to eat the Tutti Dolci or Philosophy products. True. Even if they were, I wouldn't.
I love Tigi Bedhead Chocolate Head deep conditioning treatment. It's smells so good I sit there sniffing my hair afterwards. Don't think I'd eat my hair though. I'd be coughing up furballs like a cat

Like other said I do Like the scents but not to eat'em It Pathetic
...I can't think about it...

I didn't know there were edible lotions! I'll be honest...I've tasted my UD flavored body powders. Just a tiny lick! They taste OK, like flavored sugar (fun dip or pixie sticks or something).

Today I went to Bath and Body Works and they had all these different brands there so I walked around smelling stuff for a really long time. This one brand (I don't remember which one) but they had a buttercream frosting body butter. I opened the container and it looked and smelled exactly like frosting. I scooped a bit out to try it and my immediate instint was to lick it off my finger like frosting...but I didn't. It smelled really good though!

I gave my mom a bath and body gift basket filled with products that I carry, Only they have to be asked for due to the to the names ,for her birthday and for fun I gave her all bath and body products with names with sexual undertones....Well one of the products, the body butter in fact is called...Lick me All Guess What?? Yeah she did..LMAO

I get this call about the gift basket with a BIG Thanks then I get told that Lick me All Over was indeed not good tasting at all and I had to put the phone done cause I was laughing so hard that she went that far to be able to tell me that...It was meant as a joke cause really my mother is 61 years old this year but she does has a new boyfriend that is 4 years older than me. He thought it was funnier than hell about the whole idea of what I got her but he has to agree as well..I don't want to know, I keep telling her Too much information not good for me but still did she has to try it cause of the name gave her that idea?..LMAO I still giggle about it..

I would like to thank everyone for their opoinion about bath and body products shouldn't be good enough to eat, It looks like we are pretty much agree that its not a good Idea...Thanks ladies!! I have really enjoyed reading the posts about this...YOu all have been a lot of fun..

I try to watch what I eat. Do the products have calorie and nutrition information? Maybe if it is low in calories, I can skip the Little Debbie's and eat lip gloss instead.

I really feel that if anybody has a sweet tooth and is trying to cut down on fatty sweety things then sweetie /candy smelling foods have to be a great treat! I love the lush marshmallow melts and anything that smells like is so comforting for me. Not everybody's cuppa tea though.

I love the loccitane vanilla range and Body shop.