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Aug 14, 2007
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I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and she said that she doesn't wear MU because it clogs your pores and breaks out your skin...And she said the only good make-up is mineral makeup and not regular make-up...

I wanted to know if you think MU is bad for your skin? I know you are all MU wearers but you do think that this "stuff" isn't doing your sking any good? Do you have more break-outs? Do you look older without it? Are you pores clogged?


Nope! lol. I don't think makeup is bad for you unless you never wash your face. lol. Some people have sensitive skin that reacts poorly to regular makeup and they might require mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is a good option, but I don't believe that regular makeup is actually bad for you.

I think it used to be. Many brands create makeup that is "good" for your skin, or at least not harmful. Like Clarins for instance.

I think it depends on a couple things, condition of the skin beforehand, the type of makeup, and care of makeup/brushes. In beauty school we learned that mineral makeup isnt always best for acneprone skin b/c it can sometimes settle in pores, causing more breakouts ( Sheer Cover was the one most noted for that). But anytime you have acneprone skin you need to be more conscious of what you do ( like hair products on forehead, putting your hands on ur face, ect.) but it can also be caused by brushes that arent cleaned very good, or poor quality brushes - they breed bacteria.

I have been using makeup since I was in my early twenties. Sure my face has its normal hormonal ups and downs, but overall my skin is clear, smooth, and pretty nice looking. I get compliments on my skin regularly. Like everything else, makeup can wreck havoc if not used in the proper manner.

Before I started wearing makeup regularly I used to break out a lot even though I am not acne prone. I would rub my eyes, touch my face, not was it or moisturize. Basically I was just ignoring it.

When I started wearing makeup daily I started being more careful about touching my face, now I don't touch it at all during the day. I moisturize morning and evening because when I apply makeup I don't want flaky skin. And I also wash my face regularly and remove the makeup before going to sleep. So obviously it looks better now than before.

it is if you wear layers of it and dont give your skin a break atleast while you are home.

I've heard that mineral makeup can clog your pores only if

it is mixed with cornstarch - which MANY aren't

I personally believe that MU can be bad for your skin if you don't take care of of skin, MU, brushes, etc... We all know MU helps to bring out our features, eyes, lips, etc...but I don't think people can use MU to excuse for not "taking care of yourself" My point to her was it's not just MU that affect the condition of your skin. (Diet, smoking, drinking, stress, being sick, etc...) can affect your skin. Overall, I think we all should take better care of ourselves. Yeah, you might not wear MU because you think it is bad for your skin but you have no problem drinking liters of pop daily, smoking, and eating fast food. But it's the MU...yeah Right!

I don't think make-up is fabulous for your skin, but I think it also depends on the skin. I'm oily in the t-zone, but my skin is not very sensative. It's almost bullet-proof.

haha yeah TOTALLY. people will still do stupid things like smoke, drink, do drugs and THAT is what's bad for you.

Wearing makeup makes me more conscious of my skin. I suspect that if I didn't wear it, I would probably pay less attention to minor differences.

I believe that anyone that follows a good skin care regimen will do ok whether they wear makeup or not.


I don't think it's bad if you wear it and take it off. Clean the skin completely and get facials. I don't think eye makeup is bad. I do think that if you have oily skin you should wear less and oil free makeup. I do think it can be bad in excess.

I've had trouble with certain brands and types of products, and there has been some talk about products with potentially carcinogenic ingredients still available for sale in the US. But unless you're putting lead on your face or doing something really awful I wouldn't worry too much.

i think it depends on your skin type.

but what i have noticed that when i stopped wearing foundation, my skin became way better (this was many years ago in highschool).

so now i rarely wear foundation unless my face is really red or blotchy.

or else i just wear all the other stuff.

I do believe that makeup is bad for skin.Chemicals around eyes,lips,face...I used to wear foundation,eyeshadow regularly almost evryday and now I have limited only to lipstick,I dont wear anything on my face and I feel very happy abt my skin.It is finally breathing,I can never look my face without makeup before bcos constantly applying foundation,powder made my skin so rough,I havent weared foundation in 9 months except for some parties once in 3-4 months and my skin is very very pretty and soft.I also feel confident that I never wanted to hide my face with foundation and I am very happy abt it.In my opinion makeup is ok only when worn on occasions.I am also afraid of getting cancer
,I am not aure if its proven but I checked out in some site and they said some chemicals in makeup causes cancer and birth defects,so why risk life for that.

I have also read that cosmetics made in France,Paris are much better than the ones made in US,they also contain chemicals but they do not have life-threatening ones.I read it somewhere,so I use only sephora ones made in france.

Only approved chemicals are used in Europe cosmetics not like here.

MU isn't bad in itself, like the others said, it depends on stuff like your skin, how you care for your brushes etc... after that it's just the matter of finding the products that work for you.

it's also true in Europe, we prefer first to make sure a product is safe to use before using it.

I think it can be good for your skin especially if it contains a high factor sunscreen. On the other hand all make up breaks me out..even mineral make up

It depends on a lot of things, especially your skin type. Foundation can be bad for you if you have sensitive acne prone skin or lots of acne. I have acne prone skin and I have to wash my face twice a day, moisterize, tone, and use a mask once a week or else my skin breaks out like no tomorrow, and I'm not using a cheap foundation. I think as long as you wash your face and your brushes, you will be fine.