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Originally Posted by brewgrl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I prefer Brittany as a penguin in Happy Feet.
blonde looks natural on her, but it reminds me of her look in 8mile, white-trashy. so i'd say the brunette.

shes the only person that looks good in any colour...I prefer her blonde, then red, then brunette but she seriously rocks all of them!

I almost want to say blonde because as a brunette she looks too much like the little nerdy chic she played in Clueless. Looking at that brunette pic up top I can't just see her hair growing into frizz and those terrible overalls.

love love love Brittany but i like her hair better brown out of those two pictures. but im not sure it might just be the makeup cos i remember thinking she looked hot as hell in the faster kill pussycat video and her hair was blonde then. but yeah from those two pics the brunette looks better


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