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Feb 22, 2006
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I was in the mall looking for a perfume/body spray, and stopped in Macy's at the Clinique counter to inquire about their Lash Building Primer. I've been using MAC's, but wanted to try out Clinique's.

Obviously the lady who worked there didn't seem to know too much about their products IMHO, as she didn't seem to give me any more info on the Lash Building Primer or their mascaras that I hadn't read in magazines or customer reviews elsewhere.

ANYWHO! She mentioned that she used about 2 coats of mascara, and then reapplied later in the day. Huh? I only use one coat, and don't reapply. I've never really known anyone to reapply their mascara, or I just never paid attention. So, my question to you is this: Do you reapply your mascara? If so, why?

Reapplying mascara? Who does that? Well, besides the lady at the clinique counter

If I'd like to wear many coats of mascara, I could do that right away in the morning. Why would I reapply later on? So, my answer is NO.

no but i do have a mini one in my bag, ever since i forgot to put it on one day and everytime i looked in the mirror i thought ICK what's wrong with my face!!

Originally Posted by luxotika /img/forum/go_quote.gif I am sure her eyelashes resembled a tarantula. DING, DING, DING! We have a winner! LMAO! They did look like tarantula legs LOL!
hell, yeah ! i feel naked if i don't wear 3 coats of mascara(and i'm addicted to my new one), but sometimes skip foundation

No I don't. I apply mascara just before I go out. never reapply (especially I am not too keen on rubbing my eye area when I cleanse)

when I feel I look a bit dull I will just use the eyelash curler again. Hm, I don't understand why she reapplies it.

Powdery e/s or sloppy with a big powder brush? I dunno. I hate mascara and wouldn't use one layer if I din't have to.

i hate clumpy, thick mascara! that's one of the worst makeup sins in my book! once i put it on in the morning it stays until i wash it off at night. although, i have been known to apply my mark lash topcoat if i'm refreshing my makeup for an evening look.

I do!!! lol!

I put my mascara on (2-3 layers) at about 7 am. My last class of the day starts at 5:30 pm. By then, my lashes aren't nearly as noticable as they were in the morning. So I use a clean spoolie to make my lashes fluffy and then apply an extra layer of mascara. That way it doesn't clump up, and my mascara looks as good as it did at the beginning of the day.

I put it on once. I use Bad gal Lash from Benefit and I love that stuff. Been using it about a year. I've never had to reapply and I would think it would just be a goopy, your eyelashes are stuck together, mess if I did anyway.

Yeah sometimes I do. In the morning I apply a couple coats right off. And then like later in the day I sometimes comb them and do another coat only if I feel like I need it.


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