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Dec 23, 2006
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When is summer time I shaved my legs everytime I shower.When it starts getting cold since I only wear pants I don't shave all the time.Whats your shaving legs routine?

this is going to sound bad but I usually only shave about once a week. My skin hates the razor no matter what I moisturize with, or what razors I use. I've tried waxing with marginal success...probably need to start waxing instead. Obviously I only wear pants if I'm lookin shaggy, lol

I shave every day. I find it's easier, cause the hair is really short so I can just go over them really quickly, and if I miss a few bits it's that short that no-one notices. Plus, I like having smooth legs.

As much as I love that smooth feeling, no not every time. In the summer, every other day in the winter, once or twice a week.

I usally shave my legs twice a week. Except when I wear skirts, then I shave every shower. I usally wear slacks to work every day.


I shave every other day, sometimes every day. Anything less and it gets just too wild and woolly for me.

During summer or if I'm wearing shorts/skirt/anything showing leg. I do have to shave my underarms and other area everyday though. I swear by midday, I already have hair growing back, it's nuts!

My hair grows back much faster for obvious reasons. I find its the best way to stop them from not getting irritated. Sometimes I skip a day or even two, but most everyday.

i never shave im lucky enough that my hairs are very fair and down like so i very rarely shave.

thanks goodness i don't have a lot of hair on my legs, so i shave maybe once per week in the summer. especially when i want to wear a skirt. i may go for weeks without shaving my legs in the winter because i'm wearing tights most of the time.

I should shave my legs everyday....but my skin would hate me. If I don;t shave I have to weart pants because my hair is so black and my skin is so white. I look polka-dotted.

I did shave my legs, under arms, chest everyday for about a month but it was such a pain. Red spots, ichy and by 12pm I had stubble coming in. Now I epilate every 3-4 weeks. Its so fine and sparse now when it comes in, but my favourite part of dressing is making my legs look pretty so I doubt I'll ever let it grow again.

I shave every day, just a routine now. One time I started growing, as I needed the length to go in and wax, but I chickened out!!

I only shave my legs once a week. My hair doesn't grow very fast, so I don't really see the point. Guess I'm lucky!

Shaving doesn't hurt my skin, but I'm lazy and I don't shave as much as I should. My mom can't stand it either. In the winter I don't shave at all.

In the summer I will shave everyother day and in the winter I shave once a week. I have benn known to go two weeks without shaving in the winter. My husband kids me and asks me if the cat is under the covers with us....lmao. It doesnt bother him so why shave if no one is gonna see them...lmao. Though I do my armpits every other day all year round