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May 2, 2006
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i complained since june of having a conjunctivitis. turned out my meds, antihistaminics i used to take since a few years, didn't work anymore, so i got others. it really calmed down only in august, but now it's back.

itchy, dry eyes, grossy swollen lids (so swollen it gets greasy in the crease), my sinuses are completely blocked and i have trouble breathing.

i stopped using any makeup, even mineral foundation. i really feel frustrated i cannot use my YSL mascara

it cannot be still pollen, i washed and sanitized all my makeup brushes, so i figured those symptoms were probably due to another allergy. i hope i haven't become allergic to my wonderful cat (even if i am, i don't care, i'll take whatever meds i'm given, even steroids if i have too, i won't abandon her).

anyway, i call this morning to get a doc appointment, and when do i get it? tuesday afternoon ! pff, it's only allergies, yeah, but try living when you cannot really breathe like you want and have headaches almost everyday.


I'm sorry to hear about your allergies, that must be awful. I would try phoning back and tell them your symptoms, say allergies are bad. Hopefully they will fit you in sooner or maybe they have a cancellation list you can put your name on. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry to hear that; I have really severe allergies myself and I know how miserable it can be when they're not treated. I hope you feel better, soon.

i didn't have the occasion to call them back(and of course, nobody answers phones on weekend), and it was either that or see the same doc that prescribed me in june the other meds. i don't like him very much. once i went to see him instead of my family doctor for a rhinopharyngitis. he prescribed me other meds than the usuals and i stayed sick for 2 weeks after. with my family doctor, 4 days later i'm cured.