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Dec 23, 2006
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What do you like or dislike about the show? I can't stand trisha and kelly Ann that pair annoys me.

I haven't watched it, and until the other day, I didn't even know there was a new season! I'll have to catch up and stay on it!

Yes, I have watched it. I'm not as into it yet as the past episodes!! I don't like Parisa though!!

I love Parissa, I just wish she would stop pinning over..whats his face, Dunbar. I cannot, and I repeat, Cannot stand kelly ann and whats the other girl's name? Seriously. She led Dunbar on badly..this season is okay. I just wish Parissa would get over Dunbar. Oh, Issac is really cute.

I think Parissa's character is way over the top with Dunbar. I don't like how his character treats her and whats sad she puts up with it.


I hate how parisa still talks to dunbar after how he treated and went psycho on her. I love parisa because i honestly cannot stand the slut KA and slut and hypocrite trisha, they are soooooooo low they make me physically sick. And the new girl shli let me not get started, the producers cast a carbon copy of Ka and trisha... a slut that wants dunbar ( i dont know why) who knows he has a gf and yet is stll trying to **** him.

Dunbar is the worst from what I've seen. I kind of like Parissa but I think she's too over the top sometimes and just needs to ignore him. But then again I've seen only 3 episodes I think?