Does anyone have any makeup suggestions for NC20 skin with long dark golden brown hair, golden green eyes? forums

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Jan 21, 2012
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I've never worn much makeup (just powder to control oil + even skintone and spray to control oil) and after losing a lot of weight I feel it's time I can start looking/feeling my best. I'm ready to use makeup but I'm not sure what colors would be suit me? I don't want anything too flashy and I'm a bit shy and conservative in style but I would like something to make my skin look brighter (without making it oily) and something to play up my eyes. Also some lip colors that I could wear to school and work, days out with friends would be great. Last everything can't cost a fortune. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Aug 10, 2011
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Hey doll, first & foremost I want to say congrats on losing the weight, you must look fab!! I would recommend you taking a trip over to your local MAC or Sephora store and having one of the workers there assist you with your concerns. If your a bit shy and rather find products on your own try to research products on your own. Like what color are your eyes? If they are green, for example, just google or watch youtube videos on what color eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliner, etc compliment the color of your eyes. 

Since you mentioned that you dont want to wear anything too flashy, I would recommend you looking into neutral/natural colors. I know Urban Decay's Naked Palette (The 1st one) has numerous natural eyeshadow colors that you can play around with... For lip colors try light colors and avoid nothing too dark or too light. Try going to Sephora and swatching some lipsticks/glosses that you are interested in and then go to Target or your local drugstore to find a dupe.

Hope this has helped!! 


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