Does anyone know where to buy Yvresse (Yves St. Laurent) in NYC? forums

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Aug 27, 2005
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I remember loving the smell of it when it launched in the mid-90's, but I was in college and couldn't afford it (it was named Champagne at that time). I was in a Sephora about a month ago and saw a bottle in the St. Laurent section called Yvresse and it looked familiar and I had no idea why, so I googled it and found out that the name had changed from "Champagne" to "Yvresse". I was for certain that I saw it at the 34th Street Sephora, but when I went there last night, they didn't have it and the sales associate said she didn't remember ever seeing it. I also tried the Times Square Sephora, the SoHo Sephora, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, and Sak's and nobody has it. I know they sell it online at, but I want to smell it before I buy it (I don't know how reliable my memory is, seeing it's been a decade since I last smelled it). Does anyone know where they sell it in New York City? Thanks so much in advance.


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