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Sep 26, 2007
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Hey beauties of MUT,

I just found a shampoo and conditioner that I had stashed away for a while (probably close to 2 years woops)...and I'm wondering, does shampoo go bad? How do I know if it's expired?


Originally Posted by chococat123 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Open the bottle and look and the texture and color of the product. I agree, Also see how it 'smells' too.
Check it's texture and if they were closed. I don't think it'll hurt if they have not been opened.

Unfortunately, just like with everything else, Shampoo does expire. Sometimes if you look hard enough there is an expiration date. I wouldnt use it if I were you. It was in the cabinet for 2 basically it was sitting there getting old and stripping all the nutrients out of it because it wasnt be used.

water+ tresemme conditioner x five months = stinks.

So two years would be pretty unshampoolike texture and smell.

I have never seen an expiration date on shampoo, unless it was medicated. Regular shampoo should be good as long as the preservatives (to keep nasties from growing) are still in the proper concentration. When the nasties are growing, then the preservatives must have broken down and not in sufficient amount to prevent nasties from growing.

I live in the US. If I am correct, expiration dates may be required on shampoos in Europe.

i used an old conditioner once and it was too liquidy. so i'd say toss it! but i agree with everyone else...check the texture & smell of the product

Hmmm is there a site that tells us the expiration dates of shampoos,conditioners,etc?

I think a lot of the bottles have a stamp on them now that say 12m or 24m which is there shelf life though you will need to remember when you bought it!

I asked the lady yesterday when I bought my 2 1liters of biolage, she said it doesn't expire as long as it is not many many years.

Never thought of that! Good post.

Landlord: Good tip about the 12m & 24m info.

I did check my shampoos last nite and I did see 12m and 24m stamps on them. I never knew what this was for before. I always looked for a 12/02/08 for Example stamp! Thanks for the info that was helpful. I have some shampoo that is 12m and it is 12months old, but it still looks right and smells right so I'm gonna give it a try..I hate to waste 40.00 for nothing.

I have the same question - I bought several liters of Redken shampoo and conditioner because had double , triple promotions and i wanted to stock up, believing it didn't expire.  At the bottom of each bottle is an icon of a jar with the lid opened and ajar, indicating that the bottle had been opened.  next to that , it says "24" meaning  the product is good 24 months after opening.  That icon is on most cosmetics and the numbers vary from 6 to 9 to 12 and on up to 36 , I think, depending on the product and the ingredients within.

Buut my question is this:  I haven't opened these products, which implies that they have a minimum of 24 months left.  the 24 months begins once I open it.  but there's no foil under the cap - I think it's getting or could get oxygen.  please help!  Should I start  giving these a away?  I have about 30 liters ( I thought I was saving so much money!)

thank you!


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