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Dec 4, 2005
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I live in an older apartment that still has its original windows. I have radiant heat and the thing is below the windows. So it is set to 70 but it is still cold due to the drafty windows. I can see the vertical blinds move from the draft. I just stuffed a towel in the bottom of the window and it has helped a little. I am thinking about putting plastic over them. It is a triple window. How easy is to do by yourself? I also have cats. Would the plastic be safe?

I am not sure about the cats but putting a plastic layer over a leaky window is pretty easy. Go for it, the cost of the plastic will be saved quickly with the cost of heat.

I've done the plastic before....it makes a huge difference. It's fairly simple to do, be sure to get it nice and tight. as for the cats, if it's tight enough they won't really notice it but if it's loose they may find a corner to play with and then rip it off.

Yeah it's very easy.... Just attach the double sided tape around the window molding, place and steach the plastic and trim. Then useing a hair dryer, heat the plastic so that it shrinks to fit tightly.... And it shouldn't bother the cats one bit...

when i was a baby there was a gap between the wall and the window in the rooms of our (old) apartment, and i remember my parents saying they filled it with polystyrene.

It makes a huge difference. I think my apt is about 5 degrees warmer now. I came home from work to my windows being covered in plastic and the box on my desk. My dad had stopped by during the day. I'll admit I am spoiled. I think I need to have discussion with my parents about giving me warning when either of them are stopping by.

Boy do I hear that!...Every friggin winter out come the duct tape and plastic!....It's so annoying!...It gets so chilly in here sometimes I expect my lips to get stuck to my fork!.....When will I ever live in a warm house?....UUHHHH!


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