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Jan 12, 2007
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I bought these plain white shoes today at payless to draw/paint on, but not sure what I want to draw yet. I'm going for an Ed Hardy kind of look. I'm into leopard prints & such. Pretty much up for anything. [no i'm not trying to make knock off Ed Hardy shoes, I own two pairs myself lol] But anyways, if you have any ideas, let me know please. =) I'd love to hear what you guys think. Take care.


I cant think of anything, but I wanted to say when they're done you should totally post photos

I defffffinetly will! As soon as I figure out what I'm going to do lol.

I was thinking maybe drawing in Romero Brittos style, but even when I use him as an artist influence on regular paper, it takes a long time to finish the painting, so I don't want to imagine how long it'll take to paint on shoes. =X

Examples of his work if your not familiar with him:




Give me your opinion on this idea.

I was also thinking about tattoo designs.

Like I said, I'm up for anything..

I think i'm guna end up buying more pairs of plain shoes lol.

something grafitti, with something that you believe in or are interested in...maybe your initials or zodiac sign?

i'd say go for stinceling, it looks neater and i'd imagine the spray paint wouldn't come off so easily.

You could cover them with leopard print with the outside of each spot black and the inside a bright colour and you could do each spot a different bright colour so it's rainbow coloured leopard print

I'd love to see some pics when you get finished.......magneticchart had a good idea about rainbow leopard print spots

Hmm...have you thought of drawing half a pix on the left side of the shoe and then complete the pix with the right side of the shoe? So when the shoes are put together, they look like one complete picture. I've seen shoes drawn that way being sold here and some of them look pretty cute.


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