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Dec 9, 2006
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While summer never seems to end here in LA, there is a transition period from hot to fall everywhere else. It makes shopping for new clothes difficult. You can't buy true "fall" clothes or you'll end up sweating on those Indian summer days. You can't stock up at the summer sales because you'll be shivering in that little white eyelet babydoll when it's 55 degrees outside in the morning.
Something like Juicy Couture's Scoop Shift Dress is perfect for this seasonal limbo. When days are warm, you can slip a cami or thin tank top underneath (or play it dangerously and wear nothing underneath). When the day is cool, the shift dress acts more like a "jumper," so you can put on a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath. The dress is made of 100% cotton, which will keep you cool, but the dark charcoal gray is a color that works for fall.
Dress available for $248 at StandardStyle.com
Would you wear it? What do you think of it?
Im kinda torn, i think its cute, i would probably wear it but im not sure how good it would look on me.




Idk if I would actually wear the dress with heels (I love flats) but the dress is cute. I definitely wouldn't buy it for $248! Nice pics, btw.

It looks good on the model wearing it in those pictures but it's not really my style. Maybe if it was a tiny bit longer and more fitted around the waist, I would consider it. Not worth the price either.

It would look good on a small-framed woman with a slight figure, both tall and short. I could see the dress riding up though on curvier women.

I don't think it's really that flattering on her. It looks like It would be comfortable though.

It's really cute, but I prefer something fitted like this:


I've seen dresses kind of like the one you posted in the children's section at Target, so I might try that! lol.

I guess we have the same taste Amanda

LOL Shaundra, i love those!

i wish we had a target store here, id run to get one too!

It looks good on her, but does anyone else think it looks like it's too big? Not that it's not fitted enough but that it's actually too big for her. Looks like a good dress to go have a big lunch in teehee


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