Dress of the Day: T Bags Solid Chain One Strap Dress

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Dec 9, 2006
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The 100% rayon, asymmetrical dress with braided banding at top hem that transforms into a single strap over one shoulder accessorizes itself with a chain belt that ties in a bow. Falling a modest 38" to just above the knee, it needs nothing more than a pair of dramatically long earrings to sweep your bare shoulders and some hot high heels (not a fan of what's shown on the model, though). The dress comes in two other darker colors, but why would you go with boring black when the royal blue makes you look like a goddess?

I have that same dress but it's from Bebe. I love it! It can be casual with sandals or dressed up with heels.

The grey one is cute and the blue one would look great on tan/dark complextions.

I don't like the bow to the front, tho.

For some reason, asymmetry bothers me. lol. But I like everything else about the dresses!

It's pretty cute, dunno if it'll suit me though. Not sure about that one strap thing going on.


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