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Feb 3, 2007
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i don't want to be annoying or bug anyone; but does anyone know where i could find ways to match/coordinate (matching may have been bad word choice) a dress to my makeup. homecoming is in a week and i have a dress but don't know what makeup works. i love makeup and usually know, but it's my senior year and i want it to be like perfect!

If you give a description ( or a pic better yet), i and i'm sure many other muters will give ideas for you to choose from! plus your coloring as well (like skin/eye/hair color) would help

Can we see a pic please?

ahh okay cool.

references would have been fine but yeah ive got pics and stuff.




and i am filipino, but here i am:


i can find better if youd like.


i would suggest not cordinating your eyesahdow with your dress, thats just my opinion. instead combine colors, does that make sense? for example if the dress is purple wear plum eyesahdow, if the dress is blue wear a dark navy blue, i think this way you dont get lost all in one color, and your makeup stands out and doesnt get washed out by your dress, thats mjust my opinion. oh just saw your pic, its beautiful, i would go with a dark deep forest green eyeshadow, still dont know about blush and lips though.

hmm i would say an apricot blush with semi nude lips... black eyeliner/mascara and either a smoke eye or a matching color in a darker shade on this one

hey thanks everyone so far!

i didnt necessarily mean match, that sometimes doesnt work so right; but something that complements really well.

like, ahh i hate to sound like some annoying high school *****, but you know, senior year, and im in the running for homecoming queen, and my boyfriend is coming home from out of state to take me...so its a big deal..haha


follow up post!

the dance was way fun and way exhausting...erm...well yes.

anyway. i did a green smokey eye, and had a special twist of blue and purple eyeliner on the bottom. peach eyeshadow and complimentary bronzer.

no good pics of it, didnt have time but you can kinda see it after it wore off a bit tho:



and of course a pic of me and my date:


thanks everyone!

awww, you look gorgeous. I love that dress, and your corsage is so pretty! I was actually going to suggest a green smokey eye. Dunno how I missed this thread but haha, I'm glad you went with my choice

YOu look gorgeous! And how cool he could come back and take you!

How did homecoming court go?



but i did not win queen nor princess.

but it was still really awesome to be on court.

nerds dont normally get nominated for that stuff; but i had my computer science class and the vq team and most of the underclassmen in calculus and such.

it was a good time!

andd this year is better than last year, my bf comes home more often than he did last year.

so im pretty happy. haha


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