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Apr 20, 2004
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Hi ladies,

I'm going to a formal wedding next month and want suggestions on sites to shop for a dress. I would prefer not to spend too much money on a dress as I know I will only wear it once.

Any suggestions??

Do you have any friends who are your size? I've gone 50/50 with a friend before and bought a formal dress for us to share. We both had occasions coming up (different dates) and didn't have the cash to spend a lot of money. This worked out perfectly for us, and we both drycleaned the dress before "loaning" it to each other.

If not, check around with your friends. Someone may have a good dress lurking in their closet.

You can also rent formal dresses, get sized for them and everything about 40-100 bucks depending on what dress you rent. I have done this several times.