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Nov 6, 2005
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I can't sleep. I would post this in a blog but I must let all of MUT know how bored and annoyed I am right now that I can't sleep.

Yep, it's nearly 6:30 AM my time and have not slept yet. AND I have work today at 1 PM... but I have to go get my check so that's me being up at 11:00 AM. So in conclusion... I'm pissed and annoyed and bored.

Oh, I tried making a new tutorial... for the past 2 days, but Window Movie Maker hates me and won't publish it. Soo... I will have to fix it again for the 3rd time. Lemme tell you, it takes forever to edit a damn video. Ugh.

I think I spent like 5 hours the first time and then 2 hours the second.

How is everyone else? Haha.

I'mma go find a drug to knock me out.

Poor baby. I feel your pain. I have terrible insomnia. Friday night I couldn't sleep. dozed off about 11 and woke up at 1230 then stayed awake til 1am sunday morning. I was zapped yesterday. Most nights I can't fall asleep until after 1 and I get up at 6. every couple of weeks it truly catches up with me and I'll sleep for 10 or 12 hours on the weekend. I have something I can take but it's usually too late by the time I think of it and I'm afraid of hangover the next morning. Hope you catch a few zzz's this morning.

Haha, you said hella...

Bah - I know Kelly, that's exactly how I am. I tell myself - okay, tomorrow you sleep at 11 and wake up at 8/9. Get enough sleep... nope, I either can't sleep or when I do that, feel even more tired. And I'm accustomed to waking up at 11 am because work starts at 1 or 2 PM. Waking up earlier than that is hell... it's not like I'm lazy. I go to bed late - I just like being a night owl.

I think I'm going to start putting an alarm clock. New year resolution. Lmao.

Whatever... I should've finished editing my damn video so you guys can see. Maybe tomorrow.

I have the same problem alot Celly. I take Tylenol PM sometimes and that helps. Although, it makes me kind of groggy in the morning.

Yuk, insomnia is awful. I hope you managed to get a little bit of sleep.

Movie Maker is a PAIN! I've learned the best thing to do is save it along the way. Just click the floppy disk once you've "Saved As." Then, when you're finally ready, then "Save project file," or whatever it says. It locked up on me a bazillion times when I did my last tutorial.


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