Dunno if ill be around anymore

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Apr 26, 2007
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sorry for this girls but me and mick have just had a huge fight!!

I found messages from friday night to another girl at his work. and lets just say i feel humiliated and degraded. i have rung my mum and my step dad will be pickin me up at 5 this arvo, it is now 1o am here.

im so hurt and i feel so alone. i dont want to leave cause i do love him so much, but he has done this more then once, and ... i just dunno, my head is so messed up and its so hard tryin to stay strong for my daughter.

Im sorry guys.. i just dunno what to say right now, just soo upset and hurt

Oh Chantelle I'm so sorry!!


Your parents don't have internet then? Will you have any way to keep us updated on the situation? I feel so horrible that we won't be able to be there for you through this tough time

thanx girls, means alot. yeh my mum has the net but i dunno if ill use it, this has happened once before and i went into really bad depression. but i have to stay strong for my daughter.

good luck chicken.. I'm sure it will work itself out. Whatever happens, have faith it will be for the best. HUUUUGS

Ah..shit. I found text messages from my bf to his female coworker. I gave him hell. but he and his male friends assured me nothing was going on and I did some snooping. he is in major doghouse...The texts were pg13 at most..nothing raunchy..but it still made me feel sketched out. I hope you work everything out

i hope everything works out for you. but if i found sth like this in my bfs comp or cell phone. god knows hed be darned

thanx girls!! i have calmed down alot since writing last!! we have spoken a lil. have been sending emails to him at work. Fingers crosed things work out. as they may be going that way. i just hope he isnt doing this cause we have a daughter.

but he has said to me "i dont wanna part as we have a great friendship and relationship as we do understand each other. I dont want u to go" this has assured me he wants to talk things over. we will talk more when he has a break

i'm sorry that you are feeling this way!

just do what you feel is right!

hope you feel better soon

It's good that you guys will be able to talk about things. I am glad you can stay at your mom and step-dads for awhile. I stayed with my mom and step-dad for a week a month ago b/c I left my bf, and threw my engagement ring at him. We talked, and worked it out though and now I am back. But it was really hard and well still is, b/c things arent the same. Good luck to you.

Good luck girl! Hope everything changes for the better and you feel better soon!

thanx again girls.

well we had a talk and things seem to be doing ok.

we have planned to do something together next wknd as my mum is taking caitlyn for a few days.


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