dupes for MAC Ripe peach?

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Although Temptalia suggests Estee Lauder Peach Nuance those look way too different to me. I did find this other swatch suggesting Sonia Kashuk Sunset and it looks pretty close. Have a look for yourself. Click on the pic for zoom.

Hope this helps.

I don't have a photo of MAC's Ripe Peach blush but I do own Estée Lauder's Peach Nuance and it's AMAZING. Got it stinking cheap in a new tester pan as well. I was looking for Ripe Peach all over the place but couldn't find it. Turns out I'm glad I didn't manage to hunt it down. EL's Peach Nuance is absolutely stunning on the skin. Even if they rereleased Ripe Peach I don't think I would buy it now. I don't normally go for ombré blushes, but this is one that's well worth picking up.


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