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Jan 20, 2013
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I recently went to a salon. I asked for a lighter brown color since my hair is a very dark brown. She tried stripping my hair, and when that did not work she then bleached my hair. After the bleaching she dyed my hair a light brown. Only it didnt come out light brown, it's way too light and way too brassy. How can I fix this without going back to a salon?

you really shouldnt do anything for 6 weeks, otherwise, your hair is going to get weak, brittle and will possibly fall out 0.o

Yeah keep it safe, I over died my hair in the summer and used a straightener regularly and it killed my hair which had been delvestating, truly devestating. If you can keep the color for a while and let you hair get a bit stronger. If it bothers you a lot try wearing a beanie or a hat that works for you and draws the attention away from your hair, I know what way to bright is like. Most dye jobs I've had get a bit darker over time but if you do dye just do the roots and not over the dyed hair. Best of luck ^^


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