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May 3, 2004
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I feel the need to start this thread in hopes that anyone who is considering this product will do has much research on it has they can, be informed and then make their choice. There have been threads started by others about how happy and enamored they are with this product, maybe they are for real and maybe they have been made by people planted to try and do some damage control, I don't know. One poster makes the statement that basically tells women to go ahead and use easystraight, just check out their website and not to go by the complaints of a couple of women who didn't follow the directions correctly. I hope anyone that is thinking of trying easystraight will do more than just go to the easystraight website, and I must tell you that there are definetly more than just a "Couple of women" with complaints. I am one of the people whose hair was severly damaged by this product, I had no problems in diagnosing my hair(my stylist is a close friend and has been for years) and second I certainly know how to read and follow directions, the advertising on the box really is very attention getting, their use of advertising on their packaging and their website seems to almost promice you the moon and the stars, and of course straight, shiny, frizz free hair, the only warnings are that it is not recommended for very fine hair or double processed hair, don't use if you have scalp irritation, only use on new growth if your hair has been previously relaxed, do not use on children under 12, oh, and remove all jewelry. My hair is none of the mentioned and I'am way past 12 years old. Did I have a momentarily lapse in good judgement when I used this product? You may think so, but I think what my mistake was, that I trusted and has a consumer put my faith in a product to do what it promiced. I followed their instructions, I applied it properly and even cut the time that was recommended for my hair type, did it give me soft, straight shiny hair? No, it damaged it beyond repair, I had to have 3 inches cut off and have spent a small fortune on conditioning products in hopes of saving what I can, there are other woman whose results are even worse than mine. If you choose to use this product please, please get informed, take the time to read everything that you can, and weigh the information you have and decide from there.
well said


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