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Apr 9, 2012
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I have a small bag of unopened, still sealed full and travel size items. Can anyone give me some tips on selling on Ebay? I would like to group items so that I have to mail out less even if I might make a little less in the long run. Would you group by brand or cosmetic type (eyeliners, lip products, etc) or something else? Would pricing items about half of retail be a good place to start? Thanks for any ideas. 

I'd personally list them as a lot for one flat price. You're probably more likely to sell them that way, especially if you price them well with low shipping charges, or even free shipping. Work the shipping charges into the price for your lot of products. I shop on eBay regularly & am always on the lookout for deals like this (lot deals), although I never buy sample or travel sizes. But I know a lot of people who do.

I both buy and sell on ebay. I love finding lot deals. I also find that working shipping cost into flat price and charging free ship attracts more buyers! I've sold many travel sized items, they do pretty well depending on desirability.

I sell things on ebay all the time and i usually look through completed/sold listings for the items I'm selling to see what other people are selling them at. I sometimes group things together. For instance, I sold the Keratese elixir sample along w/a foil packet of a Keratese masque and I also sold 2 The balm items. They both sold pretty quickly.

I also agree with g0ldylox1 regarding the flat fee and free shipping. It definitely seems to attract buyers.


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