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Jun 14, 2007
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I ordered the smashbox tokidoki quad in celebrita and it came today. The white shadow was smashed to smitherines. I really feel it is the sellers fault. This was not in a bubble wrap envelope or wrapped in bubble wrap at all. It was just stick in a box. I have emailed him to let him know but dont have a response yet.

WWYD? Ask for a new one? Ask for a refund? He has more listed.


I would ask for a new one. IF you don't get a response you can complain to Ebay but there is a length of time you have to wait and I can't remember how long. Check the listing though and make sure they don't have a disclaimer stating they are't responsible for damages during shipping. A good Ebay seller will rectify the situation regardless.

I would ask for a new one. And I'd ask for the new one to be wrapped properly so it doesn't get smashed.

Ask for a new one, totally. Leave negative feedback and file a complaint with Ebay if the seller who shipped it doesn't comply.

Check the listing and make sure it doesn't say something like "im not responsible for items that arrive broken". But if he has more listed like you said, he may be store owner or something which means he doesn't want negative feedback. I would msg him and see if you could return it and get something different. Send him some bubble wrap with the original and ask him to wrap it up. If he refuses, leave negative feedback and contact ebay.

I've had this happen to me at least 3 times with makeup on ebay, and each time I emailed the seller... and they gladly sent me a replacement. Ask for a replacement... I think they'd rather do that before refunding your money. I think the next step would be threatening to give negative feedback. It might work, might not. Some sellers don't care, and then you might be out of luck! I hope it works out for you!

Originally Posted by debbiedeb77 /img/forum/go_quote.gif thats stinks! ask for a refund and buy from someone else and give them bad feedback!! Make sure and contact them before you leave any negative feedback. Most sellers would be happy to work with you because they don't want any bad marks.
Originally Posted by kaylin_marie /img/forum/go_quote.gif Make sure and contact them before you leave any negative feedback. Most sellers would be happy to work with you because they don't want any bad marks. yep, she's right.
if they say not responsible if you dont buy insurance your kinda assed out, BUT if it doesnt and seller doesnt respond, then you can put a claim to ebay or paypal and state that the item was not "as described"

Aww, that's terrible. Definitely request a replacement. If the seller wants to protect his reputation he will rectify the situation. Hope it works out for you.

I havent heard back yet....I tired to fix it last night by pressing on the loose powder but it just isnt the same.

Yes, I'd definitley try to request a new one or if you paid paypal and he refuses, file a paypal dispute.