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Dec 20, 2007
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I just received my first EM kit the other day and I used both the matte and the intensive formula, but each time my skin looked chalky :/ The colour is fine, maybe a bit too orange, so I think it could be the formula ..

I have quite obvious acne scars and I bought EM to cover them up but they're still visible (maybe it's the way I apply it ..). So I'm thinking of trying out a different formula (Original Glo) or changing companies.

So does anyone have any suggestions of makeup that's good at covering acne scars? BTW, I don't have any active acne and my skin is normal to dry. : )

Hi - original glo from EDM might not be the best choice if you want to hide imperfections on your skin. And if the colourmatch is very off,the coverage wont help i think.

But,if you can find close match with acceptable cover,and then mix it with approximatly one part of the consealer closest to your skintone to 2-3 parts of foundation that might do it for you.

I use the EDM multitasking consealer if i want the foundation to cover more without having to put on more than one layer.... HTH...

Yep, I mosturize before applying & thanks for the tips, I guess it comes down to a matter of practice. I think my colour match is quite close so I'll keep trying : )

I have the same problem with EDM intensive formula if I apply 3 coats of this kind. I find it is okie (less chalky) when I apply 2 coats of original glow and 1 coat of intensive. By doing this way, i'll get more coverage w/o looking cakey.

At first I applied 3 layers of EDM found in intensive but it seem so cakey,so instead, I apply 2 layer of matte and 1 layer of found in intensive and the result is better .But to be honest, I'm not very satisfied with its coverage

Ah,do you use concealer.If not,U can try EDM Sunlight for the under eye areas and Insentive light or Multi Tasking Concealer for Blemishes. I think it'll help you cover better

I can seggest you a great company with wonderfull foundations.

corycosmetics. when you try it you dont gonna leave it!!


Thanks for all the tips guys, I guess it's different for everyone, so I'm gonna order a free sample kit trying some different formulas : )

& thanks simi, I'm gonna go see what corycosmetics is like now

I would recommend you to use the Original glo formula. I have also got some dark acne scars and this covers it very well. Try to moisturize well and let the powder settle a bit into your skin. It looks more natural as the day goes IMO.

I am having the same problem, a while ago I ordered the intensive and matte formulas, the colors were sooo off and I looked like a layered cake, this time around I tried original glow, it doesn't cover much at all even when I apply more layers, so my result is: I am getting rid of this stuff and moving on to a different brand, don't know what that is as of yet, but hopefully I will find something good.
Hmmm... I usually put on some Intensive foundation on the places that need more coverage, apply concealer where needed, and then some Matte foundation and finish it off with Tinted Silk Dust (makes your skin look really even).

Make sure that your moisturizer has sunk in well, and you might consider using a primer. I have very uneven skin, and this 'mix' works really well for me. Also, use high quality brushes. That usually makes a big difference. The last thing I can suggest is to use a moisturizing spray after you put on your makeup (like Evian). That'll 'set' the foundation.

Just try some stuff out, but you might discover that EDM isn't for you

Ok, my next kit has two full foundations: 1 original glo & 1 intensive. I already have a matte foundation, so I'll experiment a bit to find the perfect match : )

Isa - i saw someone mention that they loved how the mix of intensive and ori glo came out. Maybe you could try that too...

For more coverage, you need to get a lot of the foundation on your concealer brush. A little bit of foundation won't cover anything.


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