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Feb 26, 2006
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I'm not a parent, but I think that the fact that this is accessible to children is just appalling! I would not want my child to ever get their hands on it.

YouTube - Sex Book For Children

Made for ages 10+ !! In my opinion, very ridiculous.

A prison wouldn't even take it. It met every criteria for pornographic material.

I agree that the book is too graphic for children. I'm all for sex ed but cartoon drawings showing sexual positions is going too far.

Um is this for real? Masturbation techniques for 10+ kids and "penis and mouth" or "penis and anus"

Sounds more like a book for 14+kids, or even older kids? But then again kids these days are very premature compared to years ago.

Graphic? Absolutely!

Pornographic? Hell no! And child pornography? Um that´s a bit far reached.

What irks me is that this just seems like another ALL vs. Planned Parenthood battle.

Wow.. That book is way too much. They want to teach kids about sex way too early. It's ridiculous.

Originally Posted by AngelaGM /img/forum/go_quote.gif Wow! I am all for sex education but that is too graphic! exactly what i was going to say!
I think it's too much for a 10 yo, could be used for an older child though like Andi said.

i think this book is perfectly fine if you sat down with your child and spoke with them about it.

I honestly do not see what the uproar is. Children are exposed to worse events such as violence through news, books and media..that affects future generations..and to complain about a sex book...?!

In my opinion, meh! There are other things i'd be more concerned about.


I'm surprised the author had the nerve, what did they expect having such graphic images? I don't think it's obscene or "pornography", that's a little too much. I'm fine with a 10 year old knowing about sex, same sex couples, perhaps even masterbation... but they don't need a "how to" guide until much older!

It's completely obscene for that age group. They DON'T need to know that stuff. Give me a break. let kids be kids. if they have an interest in that stuff, then they should be asking their parent and I guarantee you, no parent is going to be showing or explaining something like that! I got the birds and the bees talk with my mom when I was 10 or 11 and I was shown pencil drawings of anatomy. that's it. and of course I learned later what I needed to know. That book is ridiculous.


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