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Jan 17, 2007
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Some of my girls are over for drunk karaoke and dancing (those dvds where we learn how to dance like britney or something).

And I loaded this up on my ps3 so we can watch it on tv. Brings back memories! And I still know most of the dance! bwahaha!

Hope it brings back memories for you too! And if you dont know who Debbie Gibson is (eek!) she was like the Britney of the 80's (well her and Tiffany were like Britney and Christina... but yeah).

Enjoy! Hooray for drunk karaoke dancing!

OMG Remember Electric Youth Perfume??? I think I begged my Mom for it..


Hahahah..They still sell it!!! Now way...

Debbie Gibson! She was my idol, and I loved the perfume. Actually I remember going through it super fast (I'm sure my family will tell you I smelled pretty pungently Electric Youth-y for a while). Then I agonized over saving the last few drops for a special occasion. Those dance moves in the video...I don't remember it being that dorky!

Haha! Omg the perfume! They seriously still sell it?! WOW.

And yes the dance moves were so dorky! It was a laugh riot. We also busted out with some New Kids on The Block Last Night. Wow... good times.

ohhhh. sigh. I was in my 20's when Debbie Gibson became famous. I'm so old.


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