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thank you, it is by reading your post that you gave me desire, in fact…

the fdt is not too brilliant? for a dry and sensitive skin is ok?

thank you!!!

I have very strange skin: very dry on all areas, except for my nose, which is oily.

I look fine, no dryness or oiliness, still a beautiful, dewy/matte finish!

I am very sensitive to Bismuth Oxychloride, and these products do not contain this material, so no bad reactions either.

They key is to use a good moisturiser that is suitable for your skin underneath your makeup, and really wait for about 10-15 minutes before you apply your makeup. I use a Clarins lotion on my face, which is especially for dry/dehydrated skin.

I have no problems with wearing MMU, but I do think it's best to apply a very little bit and use more layers, than apply more and use less layers. The less you use, the more natural and flawless your end result!

thank you

I have the dry and sensitive cheeks and the fattier nose too!

I hydrate my cheeks well, not concern thus.

I think that I will test samples!

thank you


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