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Dec 17, 2007
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Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I've introduced myself in the intro forum.

Has anyone here tried the Elemental Beauty foundations, from the U.K.? What is your opinion of it?

Many thanks ladies...

wellcome to the best forum.. !

I dont know this company.. but wait a little and the gals will help you..

have fun!

Okay, I have tried the foundation fomr elemental beauty in 'Nude', 'English Rose' and 'Barley' and I think they are very nice.I've only tried 3 brands so far; Jane Iredale (a bit shiny, can't easily get a perfect match), Lily Lolo (love this one in blondie) and Elemental Beauty.

I like the Elemental because it seems to obscure my lines and stuff a little better than the others..but, I am still getting the hang of using mineral makeup (how much to use, how to apply it and so on).

Very impressed with their product, and the lady sent it to me in a sweet little organza bag!


hi hedgiemum, i have two shades of their mmu and some e/s...i chose the formula healing because i´ve got sensitive skin and it contains allantoin, it´s nice and the colours were ok, but it seems to be too drying on me...i love the e/s though and the packaging is loveable...glass jars with aluminium tops, really nice :)

Hi, I have tried Elemental Beauty. I tried all 3 types of foundations in barley and nude. I liked the soft focus one best, it had good coverage but the colours were a bit too dark for me. I still want to try a couple of their lighter shades. I found the oil control one to be too drying so I'm just going to order the soft focus samples.


If you want to go lighter, I think that the lighter ones I tried are VERY light, so they might just be what you're looking for. So far I really like the staying power of the makeup too, and it doesn't seem to make me really oily-looking or emphasize my fine lines. They've just added some brushes to their line as well, looks like they're growing a bit as a company.