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Sep 2, 2012
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Elf is one of my favorite places to get makeup on a budget, however there are some products that just don't cut it, even for a dollar. I figured I might as well start a hits and misses thread! Just as an example I love their matte lip colors, and for $3 each they are well within my budget. However I am not fond of their one dollar mascaras. They're dry and flakey, and even for a dollar they just don't pass the test. So tell me, what do you love and what do you leave?

Love their brushes, cuticle pen, setting spray, and zit zapper.

Not impressed with the HD powder (cakey on me no matter how I applied it) or the tinted moisturizer (lightest color was way too yellow).

For me:

Hit: studio blushes, eyeshadow brush, mineral loose eyeshadows

Miss: concealer pencil and brush, studio blush brush - I've tried to use it several times but I just don't like the application

I believe that's all I have tried of their products.

I agree, the mascaras are TERRIBLE. I do like to use their clear mascara to control my brows though. 


Under eye concealer and highlighter duo $1

Liquid eyeliner $1 (this one was a hit for me only because it was my first liquid eyeliner, and I really needed practice, so getting an expensive one would have been a waste)

Shimmer eyeliner pencil in IVORY $1 (awesome for inner eye highlighting)

Brush Cleaner (forgot the price)

Angled eyeshadow brush $1 (very fluffy and soft)

Powder brush (big and fluffy and soft; i use it mostly for foundation though)


Shimmer eyeliner pencil in BLACK $1 (way too smudgy and not the darkest black)

Shimmer eyeliner pencil in PRECIOUS PINK $1 (not good if you want color; can possible be used to highlight, but not bright enough for that either)

Essential eye brightening eyeshadow quad $1 (horrible pigmentation and large fallout)

Zit Zapper $1 (due to the reviews I expected a lot from this, but it didn't do a thing for me; maybe I was applying it wrong, but it was so disappointing I just had to throw it away)

Anyone have thoughts on their mineral foundation?  I have it and have been trying to use it recently, but I wonder how it compares to other mineral foundations.  Is it still good for my skin?  Is the coverage about what I can expect if I tried other brands?

I have fallen in love with their cream liner pot in black. The brush that comes with is useless for me, but I compared it with my sister's stuff that is twice the price, and they both last about the same, and pretty smudge free. 

I have not ever had luck with their loose shimmer shadows or shadow pots for the compact. Too chalky, not enough pigment. 

I really want to try the setting spray, but it's always out at both my local Targets. Too lazy atm to order online. Lol. :)

These are my favorites:

  • Blush/bronzer in St. Lucia
  • Brow kit in Medium 
  • Studio shadow brushes
  • $1 tinted balms, especially in Berry
  • Studio Makeup Mist & Set
  • Lock & Seal

These weren't so great:

  • Daily Moisture Stick (My skin is quite picky when it comes to moisturizers, so this could just be me, but I didn't find it very moisturizing)
  • Long Lasting Lustrous Shadow in Toast (I was hoping for a gold shimmer, but the large glitter threw me off)
  • Baked Highlighter 
The mascaras stink to the ends of the earth, and i have never had much luck with the loose mineral shadows, but I love the lip products and pressed shadows. All the lip colors feel great going on and wear very well. The $1 pressed powders tend to be way too yellow for me, but i like the loose HD powder. I liked the baked highlighters myself; and as for the moisturizer stick, I don't find it good for the face but it works well for cuticles and rough knuckles and elbows.


Studio Moisturizing lipstick

Studio moisturizing balm

Lip Exfoliator

Mist & Set

Shimmering Facial Whips

All-over Colour Sticks

Studio Foundation Stick


Studio HD blushes (the liquid ones- I was sure I would love these, now I'm just terrified of them)

Acne-Fighting Foundation (because it didn't match my skin tone, which was a shame- also how I discovered my witch hazel allergy. Other people say it does fight acne, though!)

Liquid Eyeliners (maybe I'm just sucky at applying them)

Brushes (everyone loves them, I only like the blush and eyeshadow ones...)


Kohl eyeliner- colour was pretty but it bled EVERYWHERE and gave me puffy, itchy, burning red eyes even when I didn't put it on the waterline

Most of their palettes that have blush, eyeshadow and lip gloss all in one- blushes are hyper pigmented and lip stuff isn't at all.

Lip brush.


Blush & bronzer set in st lucia i think.

Eyeliner cream in the pot.

Eyeliner with eye shadow on one end, although I never used the eye shadow.

Setting spray, felt nice but not sure it did more than that.


Eye shadow brush, brissles kept getting every where.

Primer, felt like silicone, horrible for my skin.

Lash primer, did nothing but clump my lashes.

Mascara is just plain horrible.

Baked bronzer, just eh. Didn't like it, too shimmery.


Baked bronzer (as was mentioned above, this is shimmery, but sometimes matte bronzer isn't want I need!)
Shadow primer

Mist & Set

Color correcting powder

Brushes (I do use their studio blush brush but it's nothing *amazing*)

Lip markers...dried out in 3 days

ps has anyone used the Glitter Glue eyeshadow primer? I just got some for potentially using with loose shadow and haven't tried it yet. 


Lip exfoliator

Eyeshadow brush

Mineral shadows

Eyeshadow quad beautiful Browns flawless eyeshadow that came in a kit

Brush cleaner.

Makeup wipes. I just got these so I might change my mind. The only down side is you have to rinse your face after use which can be inconvenient. I would just use a real cleanser if I was at a sink...


Lip primer/ plumper duo. Omg I tried it and threw it away. I thought the primer would be clear it was beige and creamy and showed through my lipstick.

Lip glosses had no pigment on the light shades the red had some color though.

Liquid eyeliner (came in a kit)

Eyelashes (came in a kit) this might just be that I don't know how to wear them but the glue they gave sucked)

Love their brushes, cuticle pen, setting spray, and zit zapper.

Not impressed with the HD powder (cakey on me no matter how I applied it) or the tinted moisturizer (lightest color was way too yellow).
. I like their brushes and lipsticks

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