Enkore Makeup: Turn your OCC Lip Tars into lipstick

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Feb 26, 2011
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I absolutely love this video from Koren. I have yet to make it since I need to get a lipstick base, going to check out the local craft stores today to see if anyone carries it.

This is a great video, but I see absolutely no reason to turn my lip tars into lipsticks!

As a makeup artist, the whole allure behind lip tars is the many ways I can mix them to achieve the perfect color. When you solidify them and turn them into lip sticks, you can't easily do this anymore! I love the OCC lip tars (and the new MAC lipmixs) not only for use as a color, but mixed with some MAC clear lipglass to make custom colored glosses.

I agree with that but for non-MUAs who want the easy to carry their OCC this would be the way OR if a person has a favorite "recipe" for a color they like they turn that into their own custom lipstick or lip balm.


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