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Jul 9, 2012
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Hello Ladies,

I have a question for anyone who has experience as a retail beauty adviser. I interviewed today for the position with macys. I passed the first interview! Next step is a phone interview with estee lauder. Does anyone one what type of questions they will ask? Or how I can prepare?

Congrats on the interview!! I worked at Macy's for one of the Lauder companies Prescriptives for a couple years. I don't remember having a phone interview but in my second interview with the cosmetics dept manager I remember him asking me alot of questions about the line. Things like what were my favorite items, and alot of customer service type questions. I was lucky the lady that became my counter manager tipped me off after my first interview. She told me to go home and research the line, and answer any questions he had with the best customer service oriented answer you can come up with. What she said worked, I got the job and stayed for almost 3 years. Good Luck 

Yes, always knowing the company, and their products is good. Also customer service, really knowing what Estée Lauder wanted to do when she created her company.

They have what they call "signature service", which is free and provides clients with a list of makeup/skincare matches (like foundation number, lipstick reference and so on), and they can focus on something as well, if the client has a specific need. The company is targeted more towards anti aging skincare, preventing the damage and treating it as well, really helping you achieve the best skin you can have. They also have a global care moisturizer called revitalising supreme which is unique in the sense it's a global treatment against aged skin. Their advanced night repair serum is also famous.

In terms of makeup they are more towards full coverage, like the day wear foundation, the daywear concealers, and anything labelled daywear is guaranteed 15hours staying power. Apart from their limited seasonal editions, you also are guaranteed to find again your favorite lipstick, it's not like with other brands that always change their makeup collections. I don't know if it's the same in the U.S. but in my country it's true it is more affordable than Chanel, YSL and so on.

Anyway that's the info i got from a really nice saleslady who took the time to explain all of this to me, and my mom, and it's rare enough to be mentioned.


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