Ever heard of or used xenical?

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Jan 4, 2007
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it's a tablet that stops fat absorption. I've heard it's quite effective and I was wondering whether any of you had heard of it, or of it's equivilants and if you've ever used them

thanks Lia I'll check it out

My mom has used it and she said that it will not get rid of the fat already in the body. But it will cut down on the fat that you absorb when taken (she said to only take it when you eat a lot of fatty foods).

But it does work for its purpose.

This has been in the US for years. My friend took it and she said that if she would eat too fatty of foods that she would get diarrhea. Not something I would want to have!

I tried Xenical about a year ago.

For 1800 calories, you should not eat anymore than 60 grams of fat each day.

And ideally, the fat should be divided into 20 grams for each meal.

You take a tablet with each meal as well.

The whole idea is to eat more sensibly, eat every 4 hours or so.

And learn to eat less fat each day.

They have a great website - look for the Xenical.ca (Canadain one)

Hope my info helps honey

Hm, I believe Xenical is only prescribed to severly obese people here in Austria. I didn´t know it was that easy to get in the US.

Originally Posted by StereoXGirl /img/forum/go_quote.gif I've seen Alli at Wal-Mart by the check out aisles. lol. wow that sounds so weird to me. Docs here barely even like to prescribe weight loss pills, they send you to a nutritionist before anything else.
here you have to speak to a pharmacist before you can buy it, but you dont need a prescription. It sounds like that isnt the thing for me since I dont eat much fat anyway
I need something to assist in getting rid of stubborn fat!